About Us

The Cromarty and Resolis Film Society is built around the idea that film was meant to be enjoyed communally, and that the joy of watching film is enhanced when you share the experience. In about 2004 a group of film enthusiasts decided it would be good to have public screenings in the town of Cromarty and the neighbouring parish of Resolis and took on the task of organising these on an ad hoc basis.  The programming was also ad hoc - when there was something they wanted to share with others!  From this original idea we have grown into a Charity which screens at least 10 films a year roughly based on a thematic season and also put on an annual Festival in December.

Our events are open to anyone but we are supported by a core group of ‘screening members’ and ‘friends of the festival’, and this commitment is what allows us to plan for a whole season.

The Charity is managed by a Board of Trustees who are elected at the AGM who: programme the regular season; run the screenings; and organise and manage the Festival.  The Board is supported by a group of dedicated volunteers during the Festival and by helpful members of the audience during the regular season.

For more information about how we operate and getting involved contact [email protected]